Vlog 7: Underarm Solution 1: Cold Wax

Hello Friendship! It’s my 7th vlog. YEHEY!

We, all girls are conscious about our hygiene and our looks, especially to our underarms. Hindi naman maxadong kita kaso bat ganun, LAKAS NG IMPACT SA IBANG TAO IF MARAMI KANG BUHOK pagnakita ng ibang tao?

May pinagpala ng NO HAIR sa underarm. Bakit ako? tayo?

Anyways, here’s my solution to our problem. Hair Less Free na mura. No need to go on the spa or salon. You can do it by your self.
To think of it, I’m paying 500pesos for 5 sessions for wax hair removal and that’s a promo. And to add, kilangan mo pa pumunta ng spa.

But for this cold wax, we can do it anytime & anywhere!

I’m not saying na ang PUTI ng kili ko. But I can say na PWEDA na.
Kesa naman sa maitim at mabuhok.

Cold Wax-
Waxing is a semi-permanent way to remove hair from the root, taking anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks for hair to grown back. It has been proven very effective in removing large amounts of hair at once, with softer re-growth as compared to shaving which results in hard stubbles.

The downside to waxing is pain, which can be intense in sensitive areas, or for people with sensitive skin. It is also common to experience redness, puffiness, bumps or irritation and ingrown hair from waxing. Redness and irritation however subside in a few hours, if not within the same day.

Waxing, as the name suggests, uses wax to pull out hair. The wax used for hair removal is made from a paraffin or beeswax base, with resin for adhesion, and lubricators such essential oils for hydration and/or scent.
-Ready Me

Try din pagmay time.

Hope I shared something good for you & hope you like it.

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