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NATALIYA KUZNETSOVA is the most famous female professional powerlifter and bodybuilder in the world. 29-year-old Nataliya holds three world bench press records, three world deadlift records and over 12 European national powerlifting records. Nataliya was born into a family of medical workers but she knew from an early age that she wanted to do something totally different. She told Truly: “I went to the gym for the first time at the age of 14. Literally six months later, the coach noticed me and offered me to take part in a regional professional bodybuilding competition. I am the only one from the family who does sports professionally.” At the beginning of training, Nataliya weighed around 40kg, but now weighs around a staggering 92-95kg. And in order to maintain her physique, Nataliya doesn’t necessarily follow a strict diet. “I don’t have any strict regime. I go to the gym, eat when it’s convenient for me, but at the same time I try to follow a healthy diet.” Nataliya might be at the top of her game, but this world record breaker has big plans for the future…

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Videographer: Faik Geci
Producer: Dav Rich, Ruby Coote
Editor: Gary Sykes

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