HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST PULL-UP | Most Common Weakpoints, Progression + Accessories


Here’s the meat + potatoes in this video if you’d like to copy this text and keep in your notes:

Common Problems and How to Address them:

COMMON PROB #1: No core control, swinging, momentum
SOLUTION #1: Hollow body holds. Hold these for 5-10 seconds for several sets.

COMMON PROB #2: Scap Control, not sure how to initiate
SOLUTION #2: Scap Pull-Ups. Do 3 sets of 5-10 a couple of times a week

COMMON PROB #3: Lat activation
SOLUTION #3: Learn the double bicep pose, perform lat pullovers 3 sets of 8-12 with a band or cable macine


The Most important exercise – The Negative Pull-Up + PROGRAM
—– STEP 1: Test your max effort negative pull-up time
—– STEP 2: Multiply that score by 2
—– STEP 3: for session one, perform that score x2, the next session, add 2 seconds. Continue adding 2 seconds every session, and retest in 4 weeks.


Accessories: Use these for more help
– Assisted Pull-Up
– Inverted row
– Dead hang