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Direction on How to use this product click here po👇✨👇 https://youtu.be/Y6diAnhdyPI

UPDATE: 8 days of using Underarm Revitalizing kit 👇 click here,must watch👍 https://youtu.be/O6nNjqiNwxY UNDERARM

REVITALIZING TONER 💫My Other video Link below 👇Brilliant Rejuvenate💌💫

Brilliant K Underarm Revitalizing Toner is expertly formulated with natural Alpha Hydroxyacids which is proven to be gentle but effective in skin micro-exfoliation. It helps in brightening the skin by inducing skin renewal for a smooth, lighter and wrinkle-free underarms. UNDERARM REVITALIZING CREAM Brilliant K Underarm Revitalizing Cream is expertly formulated with safe and effective active ingredients to help lighten your underarm. Glycolic acid deeply penetrates the skin to give gentle micro-exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and unveil a fairer skin tone. Centella Asiatica Extract is known a whitening botanical extract but it also helps in improving skin elasticity to help reduce the appearance of small bumps (chicken skin). DEO + PROTECT SERUM Deo + Protect Serum is formulated to help minimize sweat and eliminate body odor-causing bacteria. It also has PREMIUM Botanical INGREDIENTS which helps protect the skin from irritation, redness and burning sensation caused by shaving and waxing. Brilliant K 💖 Underarm Revitalizing Kit Hindi lang dapat mukha ang pinapaputi at pinapakinis, dapat kili-kili din 😉 Perfect for underarm whitening 💯💖 Tatak Brilliant na may K! Inclusion: ✴Underarm revitalizing toner ✴Deo + Protect serum ✴Underarm revitalizing cream

What Inside the Box👇of Whitening Set
https://youtu.be/7PVD-tEwL7w FULL FACE

👇 USING EVER BILENA https://youtu.be/QpFS1MsNTYs MY


BRILLIANT vs ORIGINAL BRILLIANT https://youtu.be/OxgZCUkDMtw How to use

Brilliant Rejuvenating set https://youtu.be/YUgMjUztkDQ


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